From Us, To You

We would like to express our thanks and our gratitude to all of you. Many of you have become regular guests with El Tour Caribe since our very first adventure together. Thank you so much for recommending us to your friends, family, and other travelers. We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to host your most treasured moments in the Dominican Republic.

Like many in our industry today, we’ve been hit extremely hard. The Dominican Republic relies heavily on the tourism industry, and this global lockdown crisis is devastating for locals and the amazing people. We’re doing what we can do too help our dive instructors, boat crew, chef, and staff in these difficult times. With help, we can do our part to aid the Dominican Republic to remain the paradise you’ve grown to love and cherish. We are blessed with one of the greatest professions one could hope for… however today we humbly ask for your help, kindness, and support.

Below Are Three Ways You Can Help El Tour Caribe – Each Would Make A World Of Difference.


Please take a moment to review or re-review your experience. Recall the wonderful time you had with us and ask others in your group to leave us a review as well! Reviews cost nothing and are a great way to keep our business well positioned and ranked, ready for when this is all behind us.


We have decided too create this fundraising campaign with 100% of donations going directly to our El Tour Caribe team. As the primary industry in the Dominican Republic is the travel industry, this may be their only source of income until the dust settles and we can get them back to work.

Book For The Future

Please help fill our calendar for the upcoming season – hopefully this summer – but of course, definitely for fall and through the new year. Browse our amazing adventures – something for nearly every budget – and definitely the perfect getaway for those wishing to stay away from the crowds.