Lise Ménard

Finding inspiration one adventure at a time.

Our goal is to offer you truly unforgettable experiences that are worth your precious vacation hours.  We have designed unique experiences and have the team in place to offer you a truly VIP Caribbean Experience.

From simple dive tours to full day adventures and Private Boat Charters let us personally show you the “WOW” of the beautiful Dominican Republic.

“Today I made a difference in someone’s life. Today I opened up a new World to someone who feared diving. Today I saw real wonder and amazement on someone’s face. Today I saw smiles that were big enough to bring tears to my eyes. Today I know, without a doubt, that I made the right decision. Today I am proud to be a PADI Instructor.”

Lise Ménard

PADI Certified Scuba Instructor
A Little Of Our Story

We dive not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

We are Lise Menard and Edwar Rodriguez founders of El Tour Caribe. We hold important above all else your VIP experience as our guest. It is with this in mind that we are proud to bring you our very best adventures and Private Charter journeys. We would like you know that your experience matters to us and that we understand that your vacation time is precious. Please book with us in total confidence as we promise that you will receive the best service this industry has to offer.

Why We're Better

We Stand Out

We have built our business on offering you value (in that you don't have to bring food, nor drink, nor snorkelling gear, nor worry that something will be missing and in guiding you in your decision of what to see, where to go and what to do), and VIP service (we prepare everything for you and serve you) in a third world country where those things are hard to find and virtually non-existent.

On the day of your charter, we will be providing all food and premium bar service, for this we bring all dishware, (and believe it or not that includes all pots and cookware - we look like are moving) and all that is needed to make sure we can deliver the level of service that we are known for. Our staff arrives early at the yacht to make sure all is good when you arrive and that everything set for a smooth departure.

As for our staff: we will have wait staff, the chef, the snorkel Guide, the dive Guide, all equipment and a support boat with Captain to make sure that when you are ready to disembark you do not waste your vacation time waiting on a taxi boat that may or may not appear (there is no Dock nor marina area at Saona island - so many times with other providers, you have no way to get to the island except to hope for a local Captain to show up and bring you to Shore). We make sure your lunch is ready, that we serve you and clients without wasting time waiting for the kitchen to get organised, all of which is typically not found with other companies here. The List of things we do to ensure your experience is the best is very long. These are just a few examples. All of this, as in any business, comes at a cost.

Also, most of our competition is not local businesses. They do not pay taxes here, do not pay staff here, do not pay employee benefits, insurance, licencing or anything else. In short they provide little in terms of helping the local economy. They are a website service offering basic brokerage...We on the other hand, do pay taxes, create employment and give back to this wonderful place we call home.

So to compare what is offered by our competition, is in actuality, not comparable, nor is it on the same scale.

A Look At Our Team

We were simply born to seek adventure for a living.

We have put together a team of fabulous individuals who are ready to offer you the highest level of service throughout your experience with us. From changing up tanks, to serving you a cold drink and telling you more about the fabulous sea creatures you will see, our team members share our passion for the sea and are dedicated to making your experience one you will remember for a long time.

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PADI Dive Instructor


Dive & Snorkel Guide


PADI Dive Instructor


Undersea Photographer

Co-Creator, Consultant & Digital Strategist

A Destination, A Desire & A Plan

Merging his wealth of specialized skills, from real estate development, to project consulting and destination & hospitality management to online marketing, Trevor Barzee brings a particular skillset to the forefront with El Tour Caribe. After meeting Lise and Edwar in the start-up phase of El Tour Caribe, Trevor was welcomed to the table in order to help launch El Tour Caribe (and sister company Punta Cana Scuba Diving) through the roof.

New brand identities were created, amazing digital footprints created, and a lot of collective hard work created what you see before you today with El Tour Caribe. Trevor’s passions for both real estate, travel, and creativity led to many “outside the box” solutions that today, help make El Tour Caribe the leading luxury adventure and charter company in the Dominican Republic.

We Make It Simple To Get In Touch With Us When You Need To.

Should you have any questions about the booking & reservation process, special requests, and/or you would like clarification on packages offered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Often times, the simplest way to reach us on the island is via WhatsApp. You may contact Lise at +1(809) 251-6543 or Edwar at +1(849) 220-4251.

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If for some reason you are UNABLE to proceed with your online booking, please send us an email. Furthermore, should you have special requests, feel free to contact us.

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If you’d like to call us via telephone, call Lise (Bavaro Office) at +(809) 251-6543, or you may try us at our Bayahibe Dive Shop at +1(809) 833-0951.